★★★★★ 10,000+ Hangovers Relieved

The Viral Hangover Sensation You've Seen Everywhere!

We Make Hangovers Less Miserable.

Introducing Custom Hangover Huggs!

Customize your own hangover huggs with unique text or images for bachelorette parties, personalized gifts, or special events.

Why Hangover Hugg?

Headache Relief

Dizziness Combat

Temp Regulation

Eye Strain Alleviation

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Sometimes, You Just Need A Hugg.

We party, we laugh, we have fun, and we spend at least 10 hours every weekend miserably hungover and hating our lives. And we’ve tried every concoction, superstition, or ritual to cure a hangover, and guess what? None of them work.

But just like a greasy bacon egg & cheese sandwich, your most comfortable pair of sweats, and hours of mindless TikTok scrolling help you survive your hardest mornings, the hangover hugg helps make your hangover a lot less miserable.

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Hangover Hugg Can:

Relieve pounding headaches and migraines

Combat dizziness and nausea

Help regulate body temperature

Alleviate eye strain and sensitivity to light

Calm racing thoughts and ease anxiety

Minimize sensitivity to sound and other stimuli

Provide drug- and chemical-free hangover relief

Hangover Hugg Can't:

Find your cell phone, purse, or wallet

Clean your apartment from last night's pregame

Dispute the $76 Uber Eats order that you never picked up and is currently on your doorstep

Apologize to your friend for you cussing them out

Drive you to the bar to retrieve your credit card

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I use the hangover hugg?

Place your hangover hugg in the fridge or freezer to chill to your desired temperature. Then gently slide over your face and eyes to enjoy up to 60 minutes of soothing relief.

Where do you ship?

We currently ship anywhere in the U.S. and most other countries.

Can I get free shipping?

Yes! Use code DOWNBAD at checkout for free shipping when you order two or more hangover huggs.

Can I wash the hangover hugg?

Do not get your hangover hugg wet! But if you need to clean, you can wipe with a damp towel or cloth.

Does it come in multiple sizes?

Nope. The hangover hugg is one size fits all, and can stretch to fit any head size.

What's your refund or return policy?

We do not offer returns under any circumstances. However, we do offer refunds. Check out our refund policy here.