Everything Hurts: Ranking The Top 5 Worst Hangover Pains

Everything Hurts: Ranking The Top 5 Worst Hangover Pains

In honor of the newest addition to our collection, “everything hurts,” we are going to rank the top five worst hangover pains.

#5. Stomach Ache

On a typical night out, you treat your stomach like a science experiment seeing what happens you mix together four types of liquor, maybe half a dozen spiked seltzers, and a disgusting amount of Taco Bell or other drunk food…and guess what? The result is always the same. You wake up feeling bloated and gross, and end up spending a good part of your morning in the bathroom. Not fun.

#4. Emotional Pain

man lifts hangover hat to look at his phone with shocked face

The only thing worse than not remembering what you did last night is remembering exactly what you did, down to every last horrific detail. You’ll spend the day replaying the moments over and over again, cringing harder each time. While not as physically painful as the others on this list, the emotional pain can last a longggggg time.

#3. Financial Pain

We’re all aware of the long term damage that alcohol will do to our bodies, but that’s too far away to be worried. However, the damage to our wallet? We feel that instantly. The next morning, when you’re scouring the list of charges praying there’s a mistake somewhere, each charge after 11PM feels like a gut punch.

#2. Hangover Headache

man wearing hangover hat holding head

It’s a classic, but certainly earns the #2 spot on this list. The hungover headache is a different kind of headache. It feels like there’s something inside your brain fighting tooth and nail to get out. The slightest bit of light or noise will send you cause agony, and no amount of Advil can make it go away. The only thing that helps, that brings a ray of hope against the evil of a hungover headache, is slipping on your ice cold hangover hat.

#1. Mystery Injury

drunk man falls and then recovers

While maybe you could get away with it in college, and chalk it up as a funny story, there’s nothing worse than a drunk injury as a full grown ass adult - oh wait, there is, a blackout drunk injury. The worst part, besides being for real injured, is the all the lying. Making up a story to tell your doctor, your boss, your family, and countless others, because somehow “I slipped in the shower” sounds a lot better than “I face planted on the dance floor.”

What do you think of this list? What did we miss? DM us on Instagram (@wearehuggs) to let us know.

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