Five Must-Have Items For Spring Break 2024

Five Must-Have Items For Spring Break 2024

If you’re looking ahead to Spring Break, you’re probably thinking of warm weather, good times with friends, and a weeklong diet of alcohol-infused fun. But spring break isn’t all sunshine and rainbows. Third degree sunburns, lost belongings, broken bones, and vicious hangovers threaten to derail your trip. But as people who have been there before, we recommend bringing the following items to help you not only survive but thrive over Spring Break:

#1. Hangover Hugg

girl wearing "down bad" hangover hugg

Avoiding disaster on spring break comes down to protection - from the sun, from theft, and from…other stuff. But you especially need to protect yourself from hangovers, and that’s why the hangover hugg is essential. Pop it in your hotel mini fridge overnight and you’ll have a ready-to-go remedy in the morning. And lucky for you, we’re offering 20% off our entire collection of hangover huggs through the end of March with code SPRINGBREAK.

#2. Gatorlyte Powder

gatorlyte powder

When it comes to fighting off spring break hangovers, you’re gonna need all the help you can get. Force yourself to chug a glass of water with some Gatorlyte before bed, and you’ll be thanking yourself the next morning. 

#3. Tide Pen

Tide To-Go Stick

Most people will return from spring break with a suitcase full of clothes splattered with spilled margaritas, pizza sauce, or god knows what else. A Tide pen will always come in handy, especially if you bought some new clothes for the trip that you don’t want to ruin. 

#4. After Sun Cool Down Gel

Sun Bum Cool Down

It is a law of nature that on every group spring break trip, at least one person has to got horrifically sunburnt. And whether it’s you, or you want to be ready to rescue a friend, some cool down gel will be a lifesaver for that one pour soul.

#5. Air Tag

Apple Air Tag

At any moment during the fun of spring break, panic can strike when you suddenly can’t find a phone, wallet, or other valuables. Save yourself the hassle of combing through sandy beaches or retracing your drunken footsteps and just invest in the peace of mind that comes with an Air Tag. 

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