Hangover Hat: Neuroscientist Approved

Hangover Hat: Neuroscientist Approved

It finally happened! Hangover Hat has gone mainstream. A recent Well + Good article (in which our product was displayed and referred to by name without tagging or mentioning us, but whatever we're over it), shares insights from neuroscientist Patrick Porter, PhD on the effectiveness of hangover hats. Here's what the doc had to say:

Do hangover hats work?

man wearing hangover hat

A: “A ‘hangover hat’ can aid in alleviating headaches or hangovers through a combination of compression and cooling effects” 

How does it work?

man pulling hangover hat over his eyes

A: “The cooling aspect can constrict blood vessels, thereby reducing inflammation and pain. It also slows the conduction speed of pain signals in neurons, leading to diminished pain perception,”

What makes a hangover hat better than any other ice pack or bag of frozen peas?

guy and girl wearing hangover hats

A: “The hat's compression helps decrease swelling and inflammation, also aiding in pain reduction."

How long do you need to wear it?

girl in bed wearing hangover hat

A: “The length of time you should wear [the hat] generally depends on your personal comfort and the severity of the headache or hangover,”


Boom! There you have it...hangover hat is scientist approved. 

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