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“Ahh My Head!” Understanding Your Hangover Headache & How To Heal It

Among the long list of hangover symptoms, the relentlessly pounding headache may just be the most unpleasant. But as the leading experts in all things hangover, we have some good info to help you understand what causes your morning-after migraine and how you can help make it feel better. 

Why Does Drinking Alcohol Give You a Headache?

First, let’s get into why you even get a headache from drinking to begin with…


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Alcohol is a diuretic, meaning it prompts your body to release more fluids, leading to dehydration. Dehydration reduces the volume of fluid surrounding your brain, causing it to temporarily contract or shrink, which triggers headaches.

Blood Vessel Dilation

man wearing "never drinking again" hangover hat holds head in his hand

Alcohol also dilates blood vessels, especially in the brain. This expansion can lead to increased blood flow and pressure, adding to the headache discomfort.

Chemical Imbalances:

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Alcohol alters certain brain chemicals, like serotonin, which play a role in headache regulation. These changes can contribute to headache development during and after drinking.

What Am I Doing That Makes My Headache More Intense?

You’ve probably noticed that not all hangover headaches are created equal, and some are much more severe than others. Here’s what you may be doing that is making your hangover headaches worse.


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More alcohol usually makes for more fun, but as we all know, it also leads to more pain the next morning. Pace yourself, or brace yourself for a rude awakening the next morning. 

Hydration Habits:

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Your pre- and post-drinking hydration levels play a significant role. A lack of water before, during, and after drinking heightens the risk of a pounding hangover headache.

Individual Tolerance:

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Each person's tolerance to alcohol and susceptibility to hangovers vary. Some folks may experience more severe headaches than others due to individual differences in metabolism and genetics.

How Does A Hangover Hat Help My Hangover Headache?

We’ve developed the secret weapon in the war against hangover headaches: the hangover hat. Here’s how it helps you feel better almost instantly:

Keep Your Cool

"not not hungover" hangover hat being removed from freezer

When you refrigerate or freeze your Hangover Hat, the cooling sensation helps constrict blood vessels and reduce inflammation in your head. This provides quick relief from the headache's pounding grip.

Compression Comfort:

man wearing hangover hat working on his laptop

Hangover Hat's wearable head sleeve offers gentle compression to your forehead, temples, and scalp. This compression aids in easing tension and promoting relaxation, effectively soothing your headache discomfort.

Block Out The Blackout:

man wearing hangover hat wrapped in a blanket

Hangover Hat also helps block out visual and auditory stimuli that can aggravate your hangover headache, and can serve as a sleep mask that our CHO (Chief Hangover Officer), Jimmy Murrill, describes as “blackout curtains for your face.”

So now you know how to fight back against the dreaded hangover headaches. Use this info wisely, and remember, always use protection against your hangovers.

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